The COVID-19 Long-haul Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists survivors of COVID-19 illnesses and those injured by COVID-19 vaccines and provides resources to research, educate and restore health. The Foundation maintains an extensive library containing thousands of journal and news articles that detail the effects of COVID-19 on the human body, current treatment options and research. It also maintains a social research network that provides Long-haul patients with a clinical referral network and a disease registry with opportunities to participate in research programs designed to find treatments and cures. The Foundation provides the most extensive knowledge-base concerning COVID-19 available.

The Foundation was created by groups of survivors of COVID-19 and COVID-vaccine injuries in 2021 because the medical profession, health delivery system and government agencies responsible for protection of the public’s health were not providing support for the chronic illnesses that are wide-spread among people who have never completely recovered from the virus.

Our Knowledge-base provides survivors with the largest collection of Journal Articles and News Releases about COVID-19 Long-haul Illnesses and the latest information on COVID vaccine findings.

The Foundation Research Network provides COVID survivors with a communication and research platform for collaborative care. Long-haulers & those harmed by COVID vaccines can find clinical resources and referral sites for care, register for research projects, participate in clinical trials & a place to share and discuss Long-haul chronic conditions, treatment options. Collaboratively, we put pressure on the medical establishment & research community to recognize and find cures for COVID-Long haul.

Please Donate to support the efforts of the COVID-19 Long-haul Foundation to Educate & Support Survivors of the Virus and those Injured by Vaccines & to Find Cures for the associated chronic illnesses.

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