25% Of People Who Received Covid-19 Vaccination Missed Work Or Reported A “Serious Event” Affecting Their Normal Life Functions, According To CDC Data

Authors: NICOLE DOMINIQUE· Oct 5th 2022 Official data from the CDC has been released due to court orders, as stated by lawyer Aaron Siri. The findings show that 25% of people who got the shot (from a database of 10 million) couldn’t perform normal activities and had to miss work or school afterward. Lawyer Aaron […]

Mystery of the missing workers? Long COVID a big piece of the puzzle

Authors: Michael E. Kanell, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Feb 19, 2022 She suffered cardiac arrest twice and was in the hospital for three months, then came home to more than a year of kidney problems and intermittent brain fog, tingling in her hands, numbness in her right foot and a need for oxygen after even modest […]

How Manufacturers can Keep Employees Safe From COVID-19

Authors: Soumi Eachempati APR 27, 2021 A list of actions employers can take to maintain a healthy workforce and compliance. While the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging for all organizations, manufacturers have had the especially daunting task of keeping their employees safe while keeping their businesses open. In the last 13 months, hundreds of deaths and […]