Asthma drug brings hope for COVID-19 treatment

A steroid commonly used in asthma inhalers has the potential to prevent severe COVID-19 symptoms. It could treat the illness early on and help to reduce pressure on hospitals. Author Louisa Wright, Madelaine Pitt Date 13.04.2021 A common asthma medication that can be used at home might be an effective treatment for early COVID-19 in adults, according […]

Asthmatics at no higher risk getting or dying from COVID-19, assessment of studies consisting of 587,000 people shows

Authors: February 19, 2021Source:Taylor & Francis Group Summary: A review of 57 studies shows people with asthma had a 14 percent lower risk of getting COVID-19 and were significantly less likely to be hospitalized with the virus. A new study looking at how COVID-19 affects people with asthma provides reassurance that having the condition doesn’t […]

COVID-19 related concerns of people with long-term respiratory conditions: a qualitative study

Authors: Keir E. J. Philip,  Bradley Lonergan, Andrew Cumella, Joe Farrington-Douglas, Michael Laffan & Nicholas S. Hopkinson BMC Pulmonary Medicine volume 20, Article number: 319 (2020)  Abstract Background The COVID-19 pandemic is having profound psychological impacts on populations globally, with increasing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression being reported, especially in people with pre-existing medical conditions who appear to be particularly vulnerable. There are limited data […]