Long Covid explanation in new study possibly paves way for tests and treatments

Scientists say that drugs that calm a key part of the immune system should be studied in clinical trials as potential long Covid treatments. Long Covid impacts some adults’ blood biomarkers, new study finds Jan. 18, 2024, By Barbara Mantel, Science Scientists have identified a persistent change in a handful of blood proteins in people with […]

A blood test for long Covid is possible, a study suggests

Scientists can now show key differences in the blood of those who recover from Covid — and those who don’t. Sept. 25, 2023, 11:01 AM EDT By Erika Edwards NBC Health More than three years into the pandemic, the millions of people who have suffered from long Covid finally have scientific proof that their condition is […]

Striking drop in stress hormone cortisol predicts Long Covid in US study

Authors: Bloomberg/The Strait Times August 11, 2022 Striking decreases in the stress hormone cortisol were the strongest predictor for who develops long Covid in new research that identified several potential drivers of the lingering symptoms afflicting millions of survivors. Levels of cortisol in the blood of those with the so-called post Covid-19 condition were roughly half […]