Nearly 3 in 5 people worldwide have suffered sleep problems during COVID pandemic

Authors: by Study Finds South West News Service writer William Janes contributed to this report TEMPE, Ariz. — Find yourself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep more often during the pandemic? You’re far from alone. In fact, sleeping issues are burdening people around the world, with more than nearly six out of 10 people across […]

Chronic fatigue syndrome and long covid: moving beyond the controversy

Authors: Melanie Newman, freelance journalist Many patients with “long” covid are experiencing extreme fatigue, a situation that has re-polarised approaches to treatment and rehabilitation. Melanie Newman reports “I submitted the first positive trial of cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT] as a treatment for chronic fatigue in the ’90s,” recalls Michael Sharpe, a professor of psychological medicine who was […]

“COVID fatigue” is hitting hard. Fighting it is hard, too, says UC Davis Health psychologist

Authors: UC Davis Health There is research that defines the stages of stress on communities from disasters. If it makes anyone feel better, as a society, we are right on target. Early during or right after a disaster, communities tend to pull together. People support each other and create a sense of community bonding, Hermanson […]

What Is COVID Fatigue?

Authors: Paul Thagard Ph.D. Pandemic fatigue is a complex of emotions that includes sadness and boredom. The scientific study of pandemics requires the cooperation of many medical fields including virology, epidemiology, and pulmonology. The impact of behavior on disease spread shows that psychology belongs in the collaboration. Here are some of the questions that psychology should […]