Late onset and persistent parosmia and dysgeusia as neurosensorial complication by the SARS virus COV 2

Patricia Sequeira Rodriguez, Rafael Santana Ortiz,at. al.Otolaryngol 2023: 2023.  doi:  10.1016/j.xocr.2023.100510, PMCID: PMC9850639,PMID: 3669145 Abstract About the neurological manifestations of COVID-19, smell impairment with some distortion or parosmia is currently one of the longest-lasting post-covid sequelae affecting many young adults around the world, we present a case of a 25yo patient that after the COVID-19 infection initiates with […]

People with smell disorders may get relief with an experimental treatment

March 31, 2023, 5:49 PM EDT By Erika Edwards and Kristen Dahlgren NBC News Is it ‘voodoo’ or does a procedure called a stellate ganglion block help patients with long Covid-related loss of smell or taste? An experimental procedure that involves injecting an anesthetic into a bundle of nerves in the neck is being studied as a possible […]

Risk of smell loss from covid has plummeted since 2020

New research shows steep drops in the rates of smell loss with recent omicron variants By Aara’L Yarber August 2023 When the pandemic began, losing your sense of smell was considered a key indicator of covid-19, and the condition affected about half of those who tested positive for the coronavirus. However, a new study reveals that the chance of smell loss […]

Parosmia post COVID-19: an unpleasant manifestation of long COVID syndrome

As we begin to slowly unravel the mystery hidden behind the current pandemic, novel clinical manifestations are emerging ceaselessly following SARS-CoV-2. Olfactory dysfunction, which has become one of the sought-after clinical features of COVID-19, has been associated with less severe disease manifestation.1 Yet, the previously deemed ‘fortunate’ patients with olfactory dysfunction who successfully recovered from […]