OC43 Membrane Protein Science

UniProtKB – Q01455 (VME1_CVHOC) Entry Publications Feature viewer Feature table Function Names & Taxonomy Subcellular location Pathology & Biotech PTM / Processing Expression Interaction Structure Family & Domains Sequence Similar proteins Cross-references Entry information Miscellaneous TopBLASTAlignFormatAdd to basketHistory Membrane protein Gene M OrganismHuman coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)StatusReviewed-Annotation score:-Experimental evidence at protein leveli Functioni Component of the viral […]

Human coronavirus OC43 nucleocapsid protein binds microRNA 9 and potentiates NF-κB activation

Authors: Frances W Lai 1, Kyle B Stephenson, James Mahony, Brian D Lichty Abstract The human coronavirus OC43 is a major contributor to the common cold worldwide, though due to its low mortality rate, little research has focused on this human pathogen. The nucleocapsid is an essential structural protein with conserved functions across the coronavirus family. While a multitude […]