Treating COVID in a Shifting Landscape

SARS-CoV-2 keeps changing. What does this mean for the treatment of COVID-19? By EKATERINA PESHEVA January 3, 2023 Research Harvard As the world enters year four of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have amassed a great deal of knowledge about the biology and behavior of SARS-CoV-2 and about the clinical features of the disease that it causes. They […]

Paxlovid Rebound More Common Than Believed

However, the drug remains one of the most effective ways of preventing serious illness and death Published 11/14/23, Sarah Braner The Messenger Viral rebound after taking Paxlovid may be more common than you thought.  Paxlovid, developed by Pfizer, is a widely used medication to combat COVID-19 infections. It has been widely endorsed by U.S. health officials and […]

Long COVID: The hunt for causes and cures

With so many treatment candidates, researchers work to gain more clarity by Shi En Kim September 11, 2023 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 101, Issue 30 Hannah Davis misses her old self. Like so many people around the world, she has seen her life upended by long COVID, which has made many once-routine […]

Paxlovid Is Now Less Effective Against Covid, Study Shows

Story by Nacha Cattan  Sept 21, 2023 Bloomberg A fourth dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was insufficient to prevent infection with the omicron variant of Covid-19, according to preliminary data from a trial in Israel released Monday.© Bloomberg (Bloomberg) — In a real-world study of people with Covid-19, Pfizer Inc.’s antiviral Paxlovid was less effective at […]

First long COVID treatment clinical trials from NIH getting underway

Alex Tan August 23, 2023 Two new clinical trials to test potential treatments for long COVID are now set to launch, the National Institutes of Health said Monday, opening enrollment for the first of an array of federally-funded studies aimed at evaluating treatments for long-term symptoms still faced by many COVID-19 survivors. They will begin with a […]

You’re MORE likely to get Covid again within weeks if you take Pfizer’s Paxlovid drug, early study indicates

Authors: MANSUR SHAHEEN DEPUTY HEALTH EDITOR FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 12:32 EST, 17 November 2022 People appear to be more likely to suffer a Covid rebound if they use Pfizer‘s antiviral drug Paxlovid, a study suggests. In the past few months, President Joe Biden, Dr Anthony Fauci and CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky have all tested positive again quickly after they stopped taking the […]

Study Shows Pfizer’s Paxlovid Pill Can Cause Deadly Blood Clots

Authors:  Jim Hoft Published October 13, 2022  A new study warned that Pfizer’s Paxlovid COVID-19 pill can have harmful interactions with common medications used to treat cardiovascular disease, as what the Gateway Pundit reported in 2021. Pfizer’s Paxlovid, which contains the drugs nirmatrelvir and ritonavir (NMVr), can interact with several other drugs routinely used to treat cardiovascular […]

A Key to Long Covid Is Virus Lingering in the Body, Scientists Say

Virus remaining in some people’s bodies for a long time may be causing longer-term complications, recent research suggests Authors:  Sumathi Reddy Sept. 8, 2022 The Wall Street Journal The virus that causes Covid-19 can remain in some people’s bodies for a long time.  A growing number of scientists think that lingering virus is a root cause […]

Medical experts question Paxlovid study on symptoms in people under 65

Authors: Bart Jones August 27, 2022 Newsday Some medical experts on Long Island are disputing a new study that said Paxlovid did not help relieve COVID-19 symptoms in people under 65. Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill appears to provide little or no benefit for younger adults, while still reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for high-risk seniors, […]

“Game-changer” Paxlovid turns into pandemic enigma

Authors: Arielle Dreher Axios September 2, 2022 Paxlovid, once hailed as a “game-changer” for its ability to treat COVID-19 infections at home, is becoming one of the pandemic’s biggest enigmas. The intrigue: There’s growing concern about the link between Pfizer’s antiviral pill and COVID rebound, in which patients test positive or have symptoms days after a […]