Circulating mitochondrial DNA is an early indicator of severe illness and mortality from COVID-19

Authors: Davide Scozzi,1Marlene Cano,2Lina Ma,2Dequan Zhou,1Ji Hong Zhu,1Jane A. O’Halloran,3Charles Goss,4Adriana M. Rauseo,3Zhiyi Liu,1Sanjaya K. Sahu,2Valentina Peritore,5Monica Rocco,6Alberto Ricci,7Rachele Amodeo,8Laura Aimati,8Mohsen Ibrahim,1,5Ramsey Hachem,2Daniel Kreisel,1Philip A. Mudd,9Hrishikesh S. Kulkarni,2,10 and Andrew E. Gelman1,11 Abstract Background Mitochondrial DNA (MT-DNA) are intrinsically inflammatory nucleic acids released by damaged solid organs. Whether circulating cell-free MT-DNA quantitation could be used to predict […]